Frequently Asked Questions for Educators

What is the Dead Man Walking School Theatre Project?
What are the requirements for participation?
I am concerned that parents or community members may feel this production is not suitable for our students. How do I address their concerns?
How long is the play?
My school would like present a staged reading of the play. Is this allowed?
I’m interested in a classroom study of the play. How can I participate?
What are the cast requirements for the play?
What are the benefits of participating in the DMW School Theatre Project?
How many schools have participated in the DMW School Theatre Project?
I see that performance royalties go to The Actors’ Gang – what is that?
I don’t want to present only one perspective on capital punishment. How can I encourage participation from students, colleagues, and audience members on both sides of the issue?
What resources for classroom exploration of capital punishment do you recommend?
Who staffs the DMW School Theatre Project?
Why is the DMW School Theatre Project housed at DePaul University?

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