How to Participate

In entrusting Tim Robbins’ play, Dead Man Walking, to you, our only requirements are that the schools that participate:

  • Pay a one-time participation fee. This fee covers the costs of administering the Dead Man Walking School Theatre Project.
  • Pay a royalty fee per performance. All royalties go to support the work of The Actors’ Gang.
  • Do not produce the play for commercial gain. Schools may charge for tickets to offset production costs.
  • Involve at least two other academic departments in addition to the primary department sponsoring the project (eg. law, sociology, humanities, campus ministry, art, digital media).
  • Sponsor creative arts projects on capital punishment (eg. music, poetry, graphic arts, posters, film).
  • Provide feedback on the production of the play. We are eager to hear what worked well and what didn’t work so well, as well as any suggestions you have on how to expand or deepen the discourse about the death penalty and the role of arts in effecting social change. This includes responding to a questionnaire about the production and about related creative initiatives on campus or with other schools or community organizations. We also encourage you to share photos, videos, posters and music created for the production.

Want to know more?

The National Coordinator for the Dead Man Walking School Theatre Project, Rachael Hudak, is available to answer your questions and provide examples from past participating schools. She can also supply you with registration forms and participation materials.


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