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Being able to play Matt was when I discovered I wanted to pursue a career in acting. The depth, desperation, conflict and transformation he goes through is an actor's dream. The great thing about doing a production like this is you truly transform the audience's mindset no matter what their original view on the death penalty. I felt as though I changed my local community permanently through the thoughts the show provoked.Matthew Mueller, Syracuse University
I have performed in nearly 70 shows since 1983. I have played such dramatic roles as Clarence Darrow and even a journalist kidnapped in the Middle East who was eventually executed by his captors. None of these has been as intense or has affected me as deeply as 'Dead Man Walking'.Student playing 'Matthew Poncelet', Kent State Trumbull Campus
I came to join this play as more “college-boosting,” to be around people…for my future. Little did I know that I was walking into something insanely different, insanely effective. I had no idea what Dead Man Walking was, and until now, I never really knew was the death penalty was.Student, Providence High School
I learned so much as an actor about what it means to tell a story and to send a message out to an audience. It isn't just about entertaining people, but it's about making people see things that go unnoticed. Through this play, I learned how much an actor can impact an audience.Student playing ‘Sister Helen’, Mater Dei High School

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